Duke Tech Solutions (DTS)  is a business strategy and technology consulting group built on the foundation of a highly accomplished team from different industries.  Each member of the DTS team has a multifaceted background with 25+ years of experience spanning functions such as product development, product management, program management, system design, planning, marketing, business development and corporate strategy.  DTS’s interdisciplinary knowledge across all levels of businesses enables it to solve client problems in an innovative way.  DTS’s strong business and technology background combined with its consulting experience enables it to guide clients through a diverse set of issues.

Dependability, Focus and Quality are DTS’s guiding principles.

We have what it takes to be your Trusted Partner

  • Strong Team

    Skilled product managers and technologists each with 20+ years of experience in assisting worldwide customers

  • Relevant Capabilities

    Strong technology, program management and critical analytical skills in solving complex business issues

  • Proven Track Record

    Successfully delivered 70+ projects, helped clients save $100s of millions and assisted them to compete effectively

With strong credentials and the right attitude we promise to be

your trusted partner working always for your success

Featured Insights

Capital and Operational spend aspects in Cable Operator 10G evolution

Cable operator’s 10G transformation is a multi-billion-dollar upgrade, This paper look’s at this from a TCO point of view to have the least regrettable investments.

Cable Operators for Aging in Place – A Business Case

This paper explores one connectivity based segment that the Cable Operators can offer immediately to the needy Aging In Place market segment.

Cable Operators for Telehealth – An Inter-industry Perspective

Cable and healthcare industries are crossing paths at many places including in Telehealth. This paper explores how mutually beneficial collaborations can be created between the two industries.