2021 Summer Magazine

Welcome to Telecom for Healthcare Revenue Discussions

This edition of the magazine is the continuation of the cost and revenue discussions that we have started in the 2020 Winter Magazine. In this magazine, we focus on the revenue potentials from Telecom for Healthcare (T4H) vertical. We have been assisting the Cable industry to recognize the problems facing the Healthcare industry and how they can create a win-win inter-industry opportunity. Especially we focus on Aging in Place (AIP) in this edition. Hope we make a case for the cable operators to invest seriously in this multi-trillion dollar opportunity.

We start the magazine with how the declining revenues from the triple-play bundles are motivating the operators to investigate next- generation revenue opportunities. Motivate how big of an opportunity is the Wellness (and Healthcare) market is for the Telecom operators in the following article. We analyze one of the fast-evolving AIP market segments. Our team does a market survey of what companies are doing and conducts a detailed business case from the Telecom operator’s point of view to address the AIP market. Lot more details than what is presented here are available with the team. Feel free to ask for additional information.

We finish the series of 10G evolution discussions with the analysis of the operational challenges. Also, we present one of our recent thought snippets created to address the concerns from NCTA on the impact on bandwidth consumption due to all the newer in-home healthcare applications.

A quick marketing pitch for those who do not know us yet. Duke Tech Solutions (DTS) is a strategy and technology consulting company built on the foundation of a highly accomplished team from the telecommunications, healthcare, and analytics industries. DTS offers strategic advisory, transformation guidance, and execution support for Cable Operator and Government clients. We strongly believe in our mission statement, “Our Quality, Dependability, and Focus will lead to Your Success.

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Sudheer Dharanikota
Managing Director