Cable Operators for Telehealth – An Inter-industry Perspective

By Sudheer Dharanikota, Ayarah Dharanikota

October 12, 2020

What is the Problem?

Telehealth is expected to solve many of the healthcare related issues that are driving costs, curtailing the reach and impeding to meet the quality of care goals. How can Telecom operators help in bringing innovative Telehealth solutions to the market?

Key Takeaways

We make the following recommendations to the Telecom operators:

  • Expand your offering beyond connectivity
  • Repurpose infrastructure and security offering to the healthcare needs
  • Enhance your service and support organizations to address Telehealth needs

Executive Summary

Cable and healthcare industries are crossing paths at many places including in the area of Telehealth. This paper explores how mutually beneficial collaborations can be created between the two industries.

In the process we evaluate different building blocks of Telehealth. A case will be made for the cable operators supporting some of these building blocks. We will provide a quick survey of some of the publicly known Telehealth inter-industry collaborations. We will analyze different stakeholders in the Telehealth ecosystem and their needs.

We are going to highlight the low hanging fruits in this collaboration where Cable operators can begin. And finally provide a preliminary recommendation on how cable operators can venture into a mutually beneficial opportunity.

Key Words: Telehealth, Telecom for Healthcare, Serviceability, Support