Changing Landscape with IoT

By Rajesh Abbi

December 21, 2021

Customer premise networks have been evolving since the early days of POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service).  The introduction of new services like Cable TV, Broadband, and later VoIP, has driven numerous changes in the premise networking requirements.  It is, therefore, no surprise that with the emergence of a vast array of new IoT applications, the premise networking requirements will change yet again.

To better understand these changes in the Premise Networks as well as plan for them in advance, the SCTE has launched a new initiative under its IoT Working Group called the Wiring Closet drafting group.  This is a cross-functional team comprising of members from the IoT, Smart Cities, Telecom for Health, and Aging-in-place working groups.  The expectation is to gather and consolidate Premise Networking requirements from all these various IoT applications and make some recommendations for future premise networks.

Key Words:  IoT, Standards, Smart Homes