Duke Tech Solutions (DTS) is a business strategy and technology consulting group with core competencies in strategy, analytics and program governance.  These core competencies span multiple industries, are interdisciplinary and span all levels of organizations.

Strategy: Our team helps in setting the stage for strategic programs


Business Strategy: Our strategy team assists with product and technology strategies, competitive analysis, roadmaps, planning and revenue modeling


Transformation Guidance: Our team assists with transformation challenges in system architecture, end to end design, process and metric governance


Operational Excellence: Our operations experts offer services in fulfillment analysis, assurance analysis, RFP support, forecasting and planning

Analytics: We let your data drive informed and actionable decisions


Problem Definition: Concisely defining business issues requires deep and thorough situational understanding. Our team has demonstrated the ability to deep dive and articulate issues in a meaningful manner.


Solution Modeling: We solve your data problems through systematic analysis. We can be your modeling experts with a purpose to solve complex issues.


What-if Analysis: We assist with visualizing data, developing what-if scenarios, analyzing outcomes and correlating the results to develop an optimal action plan.

Program Management: We assist in launching and managing your programs systematically


Program Strategy: Our team helps in successfully setting the stage for strategic programs through synergy definitions and clear responsibility matrix creation in a collaborative way


Program Planning: We assist in planning multi-million dollar budgets, schedules and resources (in house and contract)


Program Governance: We realize that strategy and plan alone without proper governance will not lead to success. We provide significant controls through metric enforcement, standardization and training.