Dr. Mohammad Zubair is currently a professor of computer science at Old Dominion University. Earlier he worked at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. His primary research interest is in the application of high-performance computing to large-scale data analytics and scientific computing.

In the research area of large-scale data analytics, he has looked at applications of GPU and Hadoop/Apache Spark for: financial risk management, Monte-Carlo based models, and large graph analytics that helps in identifying communities.

In the area of data analytics, he teaches two courses: High-Performance Computing and Big Data (Graduate course), and Data Science with Python (Undergraduate/Graduate course).

He has received support for his work from NSF, DTIC, DARPA, Jefferson Laboratory, NASA, Los Alamos, AFRL, NRL, JTASC, Sun Microsystems, and IBM Corporation. He has been advising DTS on data analytics for the last four years.