Fiber To The Home Financial Planning Tools

The Problem

A leading service provider was planning to introduce Fiber To The Home network upgrades enterprise wide. Tools were needed to streamline the cost estimation, forecasting, budgeting, and review process to scale and control overall business activities

DTS Approach

  • Identified different tools required for all phases of the financial life cycle
    • Project cost estimation
    • Monthly spend forecasting
    • Quarterly program budgeting
    • Project cost actuals versus forecast analysis
  • Created a cost model to estimate project costs based on planned activities
  • Enterprise forecast tool developed to rollup project costs over time
  • Customized the tools for different projects and market-specific information
  • Worked with the client and used our team knowledge to develop required mapping dictionaries to develop different Fiber To The Home analytics

Client Benefits

  • The client was able to reduce the time to generate a cost estimate from days and weeks to just minutes.
  • The time to review a project was reduced from 30 minutes to just 1 or 2 minutes.
  • Overall, the client was able to understand and correlate what was actually being charged to projects and thus better plan, manage, and control its expenses.