Putting analytics in the perspective for telecom industry – Part 1

By Sudheer Dharanikota

September 29, 2017

What is the Problem?

Exponential growth in customer bandwidth needs, multitude of deployment options and unrelenting pressure on topline is driving operators to rethink their network transformation. What do they need to remember before they venture into it?

Key Takeaways

Collaboration, collaboration and collaboration

We recommend the following:

  • Understand where you are in the infrastructure investment cycle
  • Clearly define the transformation goals
  • Bring your three pillars together – Product, Engineering/Operations, and Finance

Let them collaborate and do their magic.

Executive Summary

Analytics is a common jargon used by people to sound fancy. This white paper discusses our view on analytics applied to the Telecom industry. The complexity of the problem that you are solving and the perceived importance of this problem in the eyes of our client determines whether we are solving an analytical problem or not. Sounds corny right. This is the unfortunate truth!

The math behind the problem, visualization of the solution, time it takes to solve the problem and the amount of data you are using determines complexity. Our customer on the other hand is more interested in the cost reduction, business case optimization and being strategic in a customer acquisition.

Putting these two perspectives together, we can solve the scope of analytics in Telecom (for that matter in any) industry.

Key Words: Analytics, analysis, Telecom, Access, Network, Transformation, financial