The race to capitalize on the vast Telecom for Healthcare (T4H) market is on with the initial opportunities from Telehealth and Aging in Place.  One of the biggest challenges for our customers is figuring out the optimal strategy on entering into this market segment.  Every company has its unique starting point, resource capabilities, goals, timelines, strengths and challenges.  This is where DTS can add significant value to you.  DTS can help with identifying the market segments that can result in the biggest returns for a particular company given their specific situation.  We can develop the business case and the strategy needed to address the segment for the targeted results.

How we help our clients?

  • Make recommendations on opportunities based on your business and strategic growth goals
  • Develop relevant business cases for new market segments to be addressed
  • Assess current state of capabilities and recommend on the transformational strategies

Some of our credentials

DTS can be your trusted inter-industry strategy partner. Our credentials include

  • Actively contributing to Aging in Place and Telehealth Working Groups of SCTE  (refer here)
  • A team with decades of inter-industry experience as leaders and owners (refer here)
  • Developing multi-billion dollar strategies from ideation to implementation (refer here)