The Telehealth and Aging in Place landscape was already on the move when COVID-19 pandemic hit.  These segments are a hot bed of innovations with the largest number of start ups and a market size of 100s of billions.  Duke Tech Solutions has been studying and researching how Telecom can assist Healthcare.  We have a handle on the market needs, innovations, new entrants (their solution scope) and existing player (their business models).  We can offer our market research reports and can be hired to explore your needs specific market analysis. We apply DTS’s core competencies around business and technology consulting to the fullest use for this inter-industry opportunity. One of our reports on the broad aspects of Telecom for Healthcare is available for purchase soon here.

How can we help our clients?

  • Research and report on market landscape – best in class companies, competition, critical determinants of success
  • Research and report on the size of potentially addressable market segments
  • Research and report on addressable market needs

Some of our credentials

  • Communications Enable Health Encounters (CEHE): Decades of gradual digitization of the healthcare industry has been pushed forward in new and surprising ways as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual care applications proved to be both useful and clunky when virtual encounters took center stage. The healthcare industry requires a new strategic partner that can streamline new care models. An unparalleled opportunity exists for telecom platform owners to become a strategic partner for the healthcare industry. We break down emerging patient encounter uses cases that will replace the expensive real estate approach used today. Deliver new healthcare encounter models across platforms designed for performance and scale. The healthcare industry is ready to transform away from bricks and mortar and discover strategies and tactics to capture a leadership role. (Available here soon)
  • Telehealth Market Landscape: Telehealth has grown significantly over the past few months since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. With companies continuously emerging, DTS created a high-level framework for the categorization of these companies position and provided a preliminary analysis in this report. For our analysis, we observed the companies’ area of focus, business model, and technology.