Telecom for Healthcare (T4H) opportunities will impact people, process and tools of the existing organization, leading to transformational initiatives. Existing resources and modus operandi have to be audited and analyzed for necessary change and augmentation to adapt to the needs of this new business area.  Duke Tech Solutions is adept at assessing existing operations, technology, people skills and processes to deliver on a transformational plan.  We also undertake governance work to ensure proper implementation and achievement of milestones.

How we help our clients?

  • Develop a transformation implementation plan to address the chosen business strategy
  • Socialize the approved plan across all stakeholders for smooth implementation
  • Develop a program plan, success metrics, and govern them for a targeted transformation

Some of our credentials

Our team is composed of inter-industry experts with each at 20+ years of relevant experience.

  • Our team and advisors are experienced in the implementation of Virtual Health systems
  • Our team lead the implementation of remote ICU using healthcare specific UCC
  • Developed a system for Opiod addiction diversion using ultra low cost IoT & chain of custody software
  • Spearheaded at least 10 largescale provider and product related transformational activities

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