DTS can assist you in entering this next multi-billion Telecom for Healthcare opportunity

What is Telecom for Healthcare (T4H)?

Several trillion dollars are spent in the healthcare industry annually.  Although the spend continues to grow (~4.6% annually), the needs of certain segments of the population remain under served.  With the increased adoption of Telehealth services (Telemedicine grew at 44% YOY over the past five years), quest to offer ubiquitous broadband coverage by FCC and availability of relevant technologies (such as IoT solutions, wearables etc.) – the opportunity is right for the Telecom operators to enter this inter-industry initiative. We at DTS call this inter industry initiative “Telecom for Healthcare (T4H)”.

Why Telecom for Healthcare?

Per American Hospital Association (ASA), Telehealth adoption in hospitals have reached 76% in 2017 from 35% in 2010 (refer here) and is rising but the onset of COVID-19 has accelerated that process. It is emerging as a fast-growing method of delivery of healthcare services. As shown, Aging in Place for elderly staying at home alone will reach $1.6Trillion by 2028. Telecom operators are uniquely positioned with access to the consumers and have presence at the point where they need the services. The enabling forces are stacked correctly for the Telecom and Healthcare collaboration. All that remains is for Telecom operators to transform themselves to address the T4H opportunity.  An opportunity that not only will provide substantive revenue and will also position telecom operators as “saviors”.

DTS assists (the operators, the solution vendors, and the healthcare providers) with services such as the market entry strategies, business case creations, needs assessment, roadmap creation, packaged service offerings, organizational transformations etc.

By 2028 Telecom for Healthcare market potential will reach at a minimum to $1.7 Trillion

Market Analysis


DTS has assessed the T4H market landscape, its needs by segment and sized it.  We have an opportunity assessment for Telecom operators in the Telehealth market space (available here soon).  Additionally, DTS can consult for more specific targeted market research and reports for our customers.

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Inter-Industry Strategy


Addressing T4H segment is a necessity for the both the healthcare and telecom industry incumbents. DTS can help understand the addressable market size, define market entry strategy and model the business cases.

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DTS is your transformation partner for successful market entry into T4H.  DTS has assisted in transforming many product development, operator and healthcare organization to their future looking strategies. DTS can help you with your people, process and tool transformational challenges.

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