Telehealth Market Report – A Telecom Based Opportunity Analysis

July 19, 2021

US Healthcare costs are increasing at 5.4% year over year and are estimated to reach $5.5 Trillion by 2026. The US Healthcare industry is huge, and policymakers have been concerned by its growth relative to total GDP. The criticism is sometimes characterized by the idea that the US Healthcare system is a sick-care system and that boundaries must be broadened to effect positive change on the national Healthcare. Wellness and social determinants of health are important items for discussion within the healthcare industry. In this report, we have expanded beyond the traditional market boundaries of the Healthcare industry and consider segments like wellness and elements of the social determinants of health such as housing for the elderly. This represents an interesting opportunity for Telecom operators with a strong residential franchise presence.

Key Words: Telehealth, environment, framework, network infrastructure, operators