What are the impacts of changing consumption patterns on bandwidth usage?

By  Sudheer Dharanikota

December 16, 2020

What is the Problem?

Changing bandwidth consumption patterns due to evolving next generation in home services are going to drive the future capacity needs of an access network. Overlaying this with the COVID-19 (current and future) impact on accelerating the newer service adoption is going to expedite the need for such analysis. This document provides our initial thoughts on analyzing these bandwidth consumption patterns.

Key Takeaways

To properly analyze the bandwidth consumption of a home, we propose to

  • Use DTS application classification framework
  • Incorporate demographic dimensions in the analysis, and
  • Introduce how application characteristics are changing over years

Executive Summary

As the entertainment services are maturing, the interaction and the sensory services are still in their nascent stage. In future, the interactive services such as the healthcare related enhanced unified communications (to bring the patient, the provider, the family and the support teams together), and proliferation of 24×7 data generating sensory services (such as motion sensors for Aging in Place homes) are going to consume significant amount of bandwidth. We believe understanding the classes of applications, their behavior and their adoption based on the demographics are essential to analyze the bandwidth needs of a home.

Key Words: Bandwidth Consumption, Entertainment Services, T4H, Sensory Services, Interactive Services, Healthcare Services