Converged Cable Access Platform RFP

The Problem

A leading cable operator was planning to introduce major network upgrade involving Converged Cable Access Platform technology. DTS assisted them with development of the RFP, analysis of responses and the vendor selection process.

DTS Approach

  • Developed a framework for developing and running the CCAP RFP
    • Defined the scope of the RFP
    • Identified the categories of the requirements
    • Created the scoring criteria
  • Worked with various SMEs to compile the requirements
  • Analyzed the vendor responses and scored them
  • Assisted with the on-site vendor presentations
  • Presented the technology scoring to the Engineering leaders
  • Worked with the Supply Chain to put together pricing structure
  • Evaluated the pricing responses to facilitate vendor comparisons

Client Benefits

  • With the DTS team’s technical and analytical expertise in the area, the client was able to identify effectively its needs as well as assess relevant vendor capabilities.
  • The client was able to select the best equipment/vendor for its specific needs in a timely manner and was able to realize significant cost savings in the process.