Before launching any major new project, it is essential to fully envision how the project will be executed along with a detailed view of success criteria, goals, requirements and action plan. The DTS team has extensive experience helping its clients establish a detailed project rollout plan, forecast key project resources, and compile necessary financial plans.

Project Rollout Planning


We help our clients identify key drivers for their project, understand interdependencies between various teams and actions, and finally outline a detailed rollout plan. Some of our works include:

Resource Forecasting


With our strong analytics background, the DTS team is able to help our clients quickly model and forecast critical resource requirements for their project. Some of our works include:

Financial Planning


Comprehensive financial planning is critical to the success of any major project. The DTS team members have a strong business background and are able to help our clients compile key financial plans including project budget and cost models. Some of our works include:

Recent Magazines

2020 Winter Magazine

This magazine discusses the cost center issues related to access networks and Telecom for Healthcare (T4H) revenue opportunities

2020 Summmer Edition

Here we address hot topics such as Powering future 10G networks, CBRS spectrum valuation, IOT, Edge computing & QoE.

2019 Winter Magazine

In this magazine we are focusing on the powering related frameworks. We provide a framework for evaluating different powering solutions and use this framework in analyzing the latest Extended Spectrum Evolution for the cable operators.