Cost Estimation & Business Analysis Integration

The Problem

Client needed to update their project cost estimation tool and integrate it with an Excel form that evaluated the IRR of each project. The integration needed to compare the cost per homes past, IRR and MIRR of all 3 architecture build options available at one time.

DTS Approach

  • Aligned with senior executives on the scope and objectives of the project
  • Engaged with client’s engineering team to understand the current state
  • Updated the market specific rate card based on new costs estimates
  • Enhanced tool to collect cost estimates for all 3 possible architectures
  • Merged the cost estimation and business form into one Excel file
    • Enhanced form to show financial comparison of all 3 options
    • Created VBA script that ran the analysis and displayed comparison
    • Script populated form with data of the selected architecture
  • Reviewed integrated workbook with all stakeholder for approval

Client Benefits

  • The client was able to review financial estimates on multiple deployment options at one time providing for faster review and approval of time sensitive projects.
  • Provided time savings as project analysis did not have to be redone for rejected projects to show analysis using another architecture.
  • Integrated tool provided more comprehensive information enabling better and faster decisions.