Data Transformation

The Problem

A leading MSO needed to pull data from various un-integrated databases which didn’t have consistent formats, data structures, naming conventions, etc. All of these inputs needed to be pulled together, cleaned, and standardized in order to feed their network planning models.

DTS Approach

  • Built high-level framework for data transformation
  • Engaged SMEs to ensure detailed understanding of data sources and formats
  • Used advanced analytics tools to ingest data from all needed sources
    • Cleaned data sets
    • Standardized data format
  • Delivered standardized and simplified data sets for network planning models
    • Ensured consistency of data across multiple use cases
    • Streamlined interactions between different models
    • Created standard naming conventions and data formats
    • Created a repeatable process for ingesting future data sets
    • Reduced time required to prepare data for analysis

Client Benefits

  • The client now has a reusable analytics tool which DTS can use to ingest, clean, and standardize future data sets.
  • The client now receives more accurate and timely results from data sets.
  • The client has more confidence in their models and in the decisions that they make when using them.