Fiber Deep Actuals vs Forecast

The Problem

A leading service provider was conducting technology trials of Fiber Deep technology. They needed to understand how the cost of deploying the technology compared with their original forecast.

DTS Approach

  • DTS worked with the client to model and forecast build cost
    • Worked with client to understand deployment scenarios
    • Engaged with the Engineering and Construction teams to model cost assumptions relating to the deployment
    • Compiled a detailed cost model to forecast costs by market
    • Worked with Construction and Finance teams to gather trial data
  • Conducted a detailed analysis of the trial data:
    • Classified trial cost data based on modeling assumptions
    • Compiled relevant construction statistics for trial nodes
    • Compiled analysis comparing modeled costs with trial actuals
    • Reviewed variances with Engineering and Construction teams and identified key factors driving variances

Client Benefits

  • The client was able to model cost impact of new technology and develop a cost forecast.
  • The client was able to analyze actual costs of technology trials and compare with the forecast and identify key factors driving variances.
  • The analysis helped the client better understand the true cost impact of the new technology to enable them to develop a more accurate plan for field deployment.