MSO Capital Spend Analysis and Modeling

The Problem

A leading Tier 1 US-based Cable Operator wanted to gain visibility into multi-billion dollar yearly CapEx spent in the infrastructure and analyze if the investments are in alignment with what other MSOs are spending.

DTS Approach

  • Aligned with the senior executives on the scope and objectives
  • Compiled relevant network data and statistics
  • Analyzed typical build requirements for each upgrade scenario
  • Compiled the model framework based on network node data to project:
    • Fiber build miles – aerial, underground (ATF vs conduit)
    • Coax build/upgrade mile – aerial, underground
    • Above data compiled by node/market/region/technology
  • Delivered relevant reports to project construction volume by market/year

Client Benefits

  • The client gained visibility into other industry peers’ multi-billion dollar yearly capital investments and how their investments are in alignment with them.
  • Our client demonstrated that its CapEx is in alignment with the industry to the company board and gain their support for the incremental infrastructure investment