Network Architecture Evolution

The Problem

A leading service provider was evaluating various technology options for upgrading their network. They needed to identify the best technology option well as associated operational impacts of the network upgrades.

DTS Approach

  • Worked with the client Engineering team to compile a list of various technology options
  • Planned technology trials based on test criteria
  • Coordinated technology trials and data collection
  • Conducted a Technology Workshop to evaluate results
  • Helped client captured technology recommendations in engineering playbooks
  • Performed an analysis of actual trial project costs and compared with modeled projections
  • Made key recommendations for cost improvement
  • Identified training requirements for introducing the new technologies
  • Developed training modules for training field staff

Client Benefits

  • Enabled the client to effectively test various technology options and make the right selection
  • Helped client identify key areas of cost improvement
  • Helped client document new technology specifications and communicate them to the field staff