Network Build Logistics Model

The Problem

A leading service provider was planning to introduce major network upgrades involving multiple technologies. They needed to better understand the scope of work needed to implement these upgrades through their vast network spread across many states.

DTS Approach

  • Aligned with the senior executives on the scope and objectives
  • Compiled relevant network data and statistics
  • Analyzed typical build requirements for each upgrade scenario
  • Compiled the model framework based on network node data to project:
    • Fiber build miles – aerial, underground (ATF vs conduit)
    • Coax build/upgrade mile – aerial, underground
    • Above data compiled by node/market/region/technology
  • Delivered relevant reports to project construction volume by market/year

Client Benefits

  • The model enabled the client to estimate the impact of network upgrades
  • The dynamic model enabled client to quickly evaluate various technology and build options without having to re-evaluate the impact in each case
  • The client was able to use the model output reports to clearly communicate the project impacts to the senior management in support of the business case