Network DVR Cost Benefit Analysis and Modeling

The Problem

A Tier 1 US-based Cable Operator wanted to understand the cost implications and the revenue opportunities for developing a cloud based DVR (Network DVR) functionality.

DTS Approach

  • Developed cloud DVR framework to look for end-to-end deployment costs
    • Performed market research on NDVR strategies by different operators
    • Discussed go-to-market strategies with product and marketing teams
    • Identified key architectural cost components and deployment
    • Identified different NDVR deployment solutions
    • Modeled storage and network (capacity and infrastructure) cost
  • Made recommendations based on the service offering & the cost implications

Client Benefits

  • The client received a comprehensive reusable Network DVR model and analysis, which is critical to understand the pros and cons of a cloud based solution.
  • The client is leveraging this effort to analyze many “what-if” revenue and cost optimization opportunities.
  • The client is using this strategy towards their long-range planning and potential revenue opportunities to make the cloud-based solution a mainstream solution.