Network Transformation Access Model

The Problem

A leading cable service provider needed a Network Transformation Strategy to evolve its network to address customer-demand growth, competitive, and product enablement needs for 10 years.

DTS Approach

  • Developed a framework for Access Network Capacity Modeling
    • Built a paper model to illustrate the overall approach
    • Designed the mock output to align with the stakeholders and partners
    • Created a technology and network capacity upgrade path
    • Analyzed the cost of upgrade for each technology lever
    • Identified drivers – growth, product enablement, competition
    • Compiled and scrubbed the node-level network utilization data
  • Developed an interactive base model to account for the demand growth
  • Incorporated competitive and product enablement overlays
  • Leveraged a programmatic approach to run the model within 60 seconds
  • Produced a 10-year technology transition by node year for various scenarios

Client Benefits

  • DTS approach provided detailed network analysis and capacity planning with every access network interface visibility.
  • Simple user interface, inclusion of dynamic factors, and flexible input configuration allowed “what-if” comparisons for multiple scenarios.
  • DTS solution reduced future uncertainty and allowed advanced and more accurate budget allocation and resource management.