problem    The Problem

A leading MSO operator was seeing significant cost overruns relating to the Node Split process in its network and needed a way to quickly identify and fix the problem.

dtsapproach    DTS Approach

  • Aligned with the senior executives on the scope and objectives
  • Engaged with client’s engineering team to understand the Node Split process
  • Worked with operations and finance teams to collect field statistics/data
  • Performed a detailed analysis of collected data
    • Node split costs by market
    • Average/Minimum/Maximum costs by market
    • Costs by category by market
    • Conducted multivariate statistical analysis using Tableau and R
  • Identified key areas of variances leading to the cost overruns

client    Client Benefits

  • With DTS team’s expertise in analyzing complex business and financial data, the client was able to quickly identify and fix root causes of its cost overruns.
  • The client was able to understand and optimize better its field operations to realize significant cost savings.