Obsolescence Planning

The Problem

A leading tier1 US based Cable Operator wanted to formalize the process for planning for network obsolescence and a way to prioritize among several obsolescence investment opportunities.

DTS Approach

  • Developed a framework for Network Obsolescence Planning
    • Identified product areas – voice, video, data, common infrastructure
    • Created an inventory of equipment across all product areas
    • Analyzed the useful life of all equipment identified
  • Developed a roadmap to refresh all obsolete equipment
  • Created a 5 year spend requirement to address all obsolescence
  • Developed a generic template to create obsolescence business cases
  • Identified several cost and benefit items to feed into the business case
  • Documented and socialized the process of creating a business case
  • Created two model business cases to validate the framework
  • Developed a care package for Network Obsolescence Planning

Client Benefits

  • The client received a tool to justify investments in obsolescence and prioritize competing disparate obsolescence projects
  • The client gained an understanding of the process and work flow to put together a business case for obsolescence
  • The framework created enabled business owners to create business cases with ease