Outside Plant Operations Planning

The Problem

A leading service provider needed to operationalize their high-level network transformation plans. This included planning projects in a manner that would optimize design and construction from resource and cost points of view. All this had to be done while ensuring the right projects were completed in time and under budget.

DTS Approach

  • DTS developed an extensive operational modeling framework
    • Identified operational challenges
    • Developed strategies mitigate challenges (clustering, waves etc.)
    • Created processes to make right decisions (FTTH vs HFC etc.)
    • Converted these decisions into quantifiable modelling parameters
    • Developed elaborate models and tools to perform these tasks
      • Activity model to predict detailed work involved
      • Resource model to predict the labor needs
      • Budget model to track the required budget for execution
      • Material model to track the supply chain inventory needs
      • Permitting model to track the permitting activity by market
  • Used this framework to plan multi year OSP transformational plans

Client Benefits

  • Budget: Accurately forecasted 10 year multi billion funding and its spending allocations that reduced the budget variances and program delays.
  • Operational: Significantly reduced the operational challenges due to labor availability and construction inefficiencies.
  • Material and Labor Forecasts: Forecasted the resource and material needs to its lowest granularity that reduced execution challenges (labor and material availability etc.).