Outside Plant Operations Strategy and Planning

The Problem

A leading service provider needed to operationalize their high level network transformation plans. This included planning projects in a manner that would optimize design and construction from a resource and cost points of view. Planning needed to include defining resources, funding, materials and permits required to implement their deployment plan.

DTS Approach

  • Defined requirements to implement operational planning
  • Created operational data model structure to support requirements
  • Developed preprocessing module to capture and organize input data
  • Modeled roll-out options that optimized resources and project costs
  • Developed specific operational models:
      • Module that defined coax and fiber build miles by time period.
      • Cost model that defined deployment costs for each activity type
          • By cost type (material, labor [in-house & third party], CapEx, OpEx)
          • By time period
          • By in period spend
          • And by costs spread over time based on expected spend timing
  • Developed a material forecast to support timely supply chain sourcing

Client Benefits

  • Budget based on spend timing allowed for more accurate and timely funding that reduced budget variance and reduced program delays.
  • Detailed resource requirements by resource type by time period made available to support deployment plan, allowing timely on-boarding of resources.
  • Materials arrived and available on time, preventing costly delays and dissatisfied customers.