Strategy Gap and Cost Saving Analysis

The Problem

The client was looking to roll out a new product strategy and wanted to understand current gaps associated with processes, skills training and tool capabilities. They were also wanting a framework for an informal trial to test the concept and validate initial recommendations and assumptions. Finally, they wanted a cost model that scoped market size and analyzed cost savings and avoidance.

DTS Approach

  • Aligned with senior executives on the scope and objectives of the project
  • Created a framework approach for analyzing the problem
  • Held meetings with stakeholders and SMEs to identify gaps
  • Assembled bi-weekly status meetings to share status with stakeholders
  • Defined and gathered data for analysis and cost model input
  • Provided documented project deliverables
    • Executive presentation
    • Formal project report, including results, recommendations and next steps
    • Working cost model (including analytic data insights)
  • Presented results, recommendation and next steps to management

Client Benefits

  • The client had a good understanding of the gaps and opportunities surrounding their new product strategy.
  • Next steps were clearly identified, including the framework to test their concept and validate the recommendation and assumptions.
  • A cost model that provided market size and cost savings to use in building a business case.