2017 Winter Edition

Welcome backThank you again for taking time to read about us and our thoughts. We are excited to close 2017 with significant success in many aspects. Our success in transformational support, kick off of healthcare practice, and our work with the student interns. Well, we have one more surprise for you – for the last one-year Duke Tech Solutions (DTS) has been investing in making our cable operator customers life simpler. Outcome of this is our partnership with First Principles Innovation LLC (FPI) in supporting their Access Network Transformation toolset product Jibe. You will hear more about it in this magazine. 

A quick marketing pitch for those who do not know us yet. Duke Tech Solutions (DTS) is a strategy and technology consulting company built on the foundation of a highly-accomplished team from telecommunications and analytics industries. Each member of the DTS team has a multifaceted background with ~20+ years of experience spanning functions such as corporate strategy, product management, marketing, business development, and product development. Our consultants have at a minimum three years or more of consulting experience in advising clients at various levels of the organizationSome of our core capabilities include Telecom (Cable, Telco) solutions and Analytics solutions. With significant working experience in each of these areas, the team is well equipped to become the strategy and technology partner for our clients. Duke Tech Solutions (DTS) offers strategic advisory, transformation guidance, and execution support for Cable Operator clients. We strongly believe in our mission statement, “Our Quality, Dependability, and Focus will lead to Your Success.” 

~90% of your yearly CapEx goes into deploying Access Networks. Still there are no planning tools to assist you with your multi-billion-dollar access investment. We at DTS and with our partnership with FPI can provide you all the help you need. This magazine is focused on some of our thought on the dos and don’ts of Access Transformation, along with some guidance on how Analytics is deeply integrated with Access Transformation. Enjoy reading them. 

Feel free to contact us if you want to discuss any of the areas highlighted or any areas that you feel we can add value.  

Sudheer Dharanikota
Managing Director