2022 Summer Magazine

Welcome to Cable Business Transformation Discussions

Welcome to our 2022 summer magazine.

The cable operators in the US have spent an average of ~$18B every year for the last 10 years[1] at a 10% YOY rate. The drivers for these increased investments are the customer demand growth (~30 – 40% downstream and 20 – 30% upstream), the neck-to-neck speed offering competition amongst the operators[2], and the renewed quest for revenue-generating services. This exponential growth in spending is driving further rigor in the operator’s long-term investment strategies, and at the same time investing in high-margin verticals. We categorize these cost and revenue considerations as access business transformations, which have been the focus in the last three magazines, including this edition.

We start with Sudheer introducing the steps operators need to take to meet these access business transformation challenges. Followed by our partner company FPI along with Kyrio (a CableLabs subsidiary) explaining how to perform optimal cost access transformation planning. Continuing our focus on Telecom for Wellness (T4W), DTS and Shaw communications present the use cases for T4W from cable operators’ perspectives. Our team is working with many of the operators, CableLabs, and vendors on the next-generation architectures to support future revenue-generating opportunities. These are presented by Rajesh and Sudheer in the next two articles. Finally, XONA partners, one of DTS’s wireless strategy partners, explains the choice between 4G or 5G for private wireless networks. Enjoy reading. Your feedback is always welcome.

A quick marketing pitch for those who do not know us yet. Duke Tech Solutions (DTS) is a strategy and technology consulting company built on the foundation of a highly accomplished team from the telecommunications, healthcare, and analytics industries. DTS offers strategic advisory, transformation guidance, and execution support for Cable Operator and Government clients. We strongly believe in our mission statement, “Our Quality, Dependability, and Focus will lead to Your Success.

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Sudheer Dharanikota
Managing Director