Cable Access Business Transformation Opportunities

By Sudheer Dharanikota

August 26, 2022

Cable operators are going through major business transformations lately to get control over their costs (90% of them coming from their access networks comprising of facilities, outside plant, and in-home networks) and gain additional revenues to maintain healthy margins. The yin and the yang between the cost and the revenue centers are discussed in [1], where we recommend developing a long-term TCO-based plan. Cost optimization is only one side of the access business transformation coin. We recommended in [2] that the operator should develop a portfolio of smarter revenue-generating bandwidth services to retain a decent Capital Intensity Ratio. In this blog, we want to highlight the risk-based balancing act the operators need to consider in their access business transformation.

Key Words: Collaborative access planning, CxO, product, finance, operations, technology, regrettable investments