Fifteen Year Network Transformation Strategy

problem    The Problem
A leading Tier 1 Cable MSO was evaluating its multi-year network transformation strategies and approached DTS to assist with the analysis, cost forecasting, and material preparation for the board of directors to convince them of their roadmap and hence the request for multi-billion dollar incremental funding.

dtsapproach    DTS Approach

  • Developed a transformational framework to build a 15-year strategy
    • Classified historical budget line items into five stacks for analysis
    • Aligned product and technology evolution roadmaps
    • Developed 15-year bottom-up technology optimization modeling
    • Integrated technology, competitive and product remodeling
  • Convinced C-level executives on the end-to-end strategy
  • Created presentations for C-Level execs to present for board approval
  • Assisted with budget allocation across multiple organizations and teams
  • Assisted with the kick off of the overall program governance
  • Monitored the budget, activities, and impact on customer experience

client    Client Benefits

  • Our clients, who are the officers of the company, convinced the board of directors to spend multiple billions of dollars in the infrastructure over 5 to 10 years.
  • Our client has a multi-year executable plan with clear allocation across organizations that can be used as a baseline over the next 10 years.
  • Our client was able to conduct multiple technology- and budget-related “what-if” scenarios based on different market conditions.