Metadata and Telemetry Support to Enable Telecom for Healthcare Opportunities

By  Sudheer Dharanikota, Jason Page

December 21, 2021

What is the Problem?

What are the quality of care needs of the next generation healthcare infrastructure and how can cable operators assist in providing them?

Key Takeaways

In this paper, we

  • Present needs of T4H stakeholder’s metadata
  • Classified them into four groups – quality of experience, monitoring, connectivity and accountability
  • Demonstrated how cable operators can offer, collect and analyze the data

Executive Summary

The delivery of healthcare is undergoing seismic shifts. From remote consultations to remote patient monitoring, the healthcare of tomorrow will look and feel different than it does today. Numerous technological advancements have enabled these transformations, but each comes with a series of challenges to solve. These challenges include issues such as connecting devices to a local network, guaranteeing optimal bandwidth and latency, ensuring that services are being properly delivered by providers, and ensuring that patients are adhering to treatment plans. Cable operators are well-positioned to assist in developing standards to address these obstacles.

In this paper, we describe at a high level some of the services that tomorrow’s healthcare will offer, the stakeholders that interact with these services, and the needs of each stakeholder according to the service. We then define four types of data categories and how they address the series of challenges that tomorrow’s healthcare services face. We also provide recommendations on how cable operators can support these data needs and high-level architecture of a potential implementation for data collection, access, and analysis.

Key Words: Quality of Experience, Quality of Care, Telehealth, Aging in Place, Telecom for Healthcare, Metrics