2019 Summer Edition

Welcome to our 2019 summer magazine. Thank you again for taking the time to read about us and our insights. We have had an exciting 1H 2019 are continuing to set ourselves for growth this year. Last few months we have introduced our healthcare and federal practices, in addition to our core telecom practice. Refer to our improved website for additional details. We are also proud to announce the introduction of two seasoned and accomplished members to our advisory board namely, Jim White and Mohammad Zubair. They bring experience in Healthcare and Analytics respectively.
A quick marketing pitch for those who do not know us yet. Duke Tech Solutions (DTS) is a strategy and technology consulting company built on the foundation of a highly-accomplished team from telecommunications and analytics industries. Each member of the DTS team has a multifaceted background with ~20+ years of experience spanning functions such as corporate strategy, product management, marketing, business development, and product development. Our consultants have at a minimum three years or more of consulting experience in advising clients at various levels of the organization. Some of our core capabilities include Telecommunication solutions, Analytics and program management solutions. With significant working experience in each of these areas, the team is well equipped to become the strategy and technology partner for our clients. Duke Tech Solutions (DTS) offers strategic advisory, transformation guidance, and execution support for Cable Operator clients. We strongly believe in our mission statement, “Our Quality, Dependability, and Focus will lead to Your Success”
In this magazine we have two exciting topics – the challenges and improvement opportunities that access network transformation is posing for the Telecom operators. These articles include –

  • The challenges involved in the integrated brownfield planning and how to solve them, and
  • The opportunities available for outside plant team in enabling multiple lines of business on their plant

At DTS, we spend quite a bit of time in self-improving in analytics and in business communication. Many of our clients asked us to give some of our insights. We decided to provide some of our thoughts on effective business communication is a series of blogs. In this magazine we provide a brief synopsis on:

  • What is a framework of a business communication?
  • How to communicate data to the stakeholders?
  • What care should be taken while communicating to business leaders?

We call ourselves “Business and Technology strategists with an analytical twist”. See some of our qualifications on how our team has been assisting our Telecom clients in solving their business problems.

Feel free to contact us if you want to discuss any of the areas highlighted or any areas that you feel we can add value.

Sudheer Dharanikota
Managing Director