2019 Winter Edition

Welcome to our 2019 winter magazine. Thank you for taking the time to read about us and our insights. We have had an exciting 2H 2019 and are continuing to set ourselves for growth this year. We have become very active in SCTE’s IoT and energy work groups. We are honored to become the Vice Chair for the SCTE IoT team and are leading the Elderly Care and Telemedicine workstream. We have increased our contribution to the federal practice through partnerships. We are working closely with DSS and TTSI as our federal partners in Analytics and Telecom support. Refer to our website for additional details.

In this magazine we are focusing on the powering related frameworks. The Telecom operators are deploying newer access technologies exponentially. One area that is under emphasized is the impact of these changes on the powering networks. Vendors are continually pulling the operators into their own favored solutions. In this magazine we provide a framework for evaluating different powering solutions and use this framework in analyzing the latest Extended Spectrum Evolution for the cable operators.

At DTS, we spend quite a bit of time on self-improvement in analytics and in business communication. Many of our clients have asked us to share some of our insights. Based on these requests, we started the communication series in our pervious Summer 2019 magazine. In this magazine, we continue the series with two topics on presenting data using tables or charts? and communicating to the audience.

Also in this magazine, we present an access network planning methodology from our partner company First Principles Innovations.

Feel free to contact us if you want to discuss any of the areas highlighted or any areas that you feel we can add value.

Sudheer Dharanikota
Managing Director