Cable Next-Gen Technologies and Strategies 2019

March 12-14 2019 Denver, CO

A key purpose of the conference was bring to the fore any new ways, tools and technologies to assist with challenges currently faced by the cable industry. DTS assisted its partner FPI in introducing its latest product, Jibe, at this conference.

Jibe is an new leading edge cable access network planning system that facilitates network planning across different access technologies.

The tool is able to help plan at a high level as well at the network element level. It is a versatile tool useful for material, labor, budget and strategic planning. Tasks that could take months can be done in minutes.

Key Takeaways

The rapidly changing dynamics and complexity of current cable access network was very apparent at the conference. There are so many variables, so many service offerings,so many technologies and there is confusion around optimal way to evolve networks for best bang of your buck.

The industry has been ripe for a product, such as Jibe, for quite some time. Jibe was received very well at the conference with many operators expressing an interest in seeing Jibe in action and exploring the possibilities for their particular scenarios.

Our thoughts about the Conference

The conference delved into the strategies behind deploying and monetizing new equipment, software, services and apps, and explored the technologies and architectures key to the continued success of the cable industry, including DOCSIS 3.1, Full Duplex DOCSIS, Coherent Optics, Distributed Access Architecture, Fiber Deep, FTTH, network virtualization, automation, artificial intelligence, OTT video, cloud-based services, IoT, WiFi, cellular backhaul, small cells, Citizens Broadband Radio Service and 5G.