SCTE.ISBE Chapter Leader Conference 2019

DTS will be an active participant at this conference with a booth and several pertinent whitepapers.  This annual conference is a great opportunity for key SCTE chapter to meet in round table discussions to explore common issues faced by them. 

CableLabs Summer Conference 2019

DTS will be supporting its partner firm FPI in showcasing its breakthrough flagship new product “Jibe” at this annual Cable Labs summer conference in CO.   DTS and FPI are hoping to be presenting new collaborative white papers here. Coming soon

2018 Summer Edition

Millimeter Wave (mmWave) technology is being developed to support the upcoming 5G mobile revolution. How can operators leverage this technology for fixed wireless applications? We discuss this and the role of data privacy in this issue.

2017 Winter Edition

Operators are spending billions of dollars on their access network upgraded every year. How can they put this investment to good use? In this issue we cover this, along with providing a fresh perspective on medical practice analytics.

2017 Fall Edition

Who says telecom geeks cannot solve healthcare analytics problems? In this issue we discuss how DTS team is applying it’s experience from the telecom sector in the healthcare industry. We also discuss the opportunities presented by the smart-home applications to telecom operators.

2017 Summer Edition

This edition of the DTS Magazine is focused on Network Transformation. We discuss some of the innovative projects our summer interns engaged in – from network growth prediction to the role of permitting in outside plant construction. We introduce Jibe – a new tool for access network planning.

2017 Spring Edition

Network transformation modeling, network DVR cost/benefit analysis, converged cable access platform RFP – these are some of the exciting projects we worked on. In this issue we discuss these along with opportunities and challenges posed by emerging smart home applications.