Digital transformation: How to get to the next level

By Dennis Edens

June 24, 2020

President Obama initiated the government’s initiative to harness the power of technology to help create a 21st century digital government—one that is efficient, effective and focused on improving the delivery of services to the American people.

There were three key objectives:

  1. Enable citizens to securely obtain government information, data and services (anywhere, anytime, on any device)
  2. Create an infrastructure to support digital government efforts and leverage the government’s buying power to reduce cost
  3. Provide federal workers the tools needed to deliver services to all citizens

To accomplish these objectives, agencies have been aggressively moving applications to the cloud with the intent to create an environment that is better, faster and more efficient.  This has definitely help accomplish some of the targeted results.  However, why stop there?  Why not use this opportunity to create common data collection points and use this data to improve processes?  The data can also be used to enable better and faster decision making.  In other words, data driven decisions.  This would also take the decision-making process to the next level.

This would help improve customer satisfaction, while improving service delivery.  Currently, many agencies lack consistent processes to measure performance and ensure content quality.  The key is to collect the proper data to evaluate process performance and identify needed improvements.  This blog provides a framework that can be used to take collected data and use it to improve processes, solve problems and enable data driven decisions.