IoT, IoT Everywhere…

By Rajesh Abbi

June 24, 2020

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) market is growing by leaps and bounds – with billions of devices deployed and with a market size of over $150 B.  But looking at the current MSO play in this space, one wouldn’t know that.

The “Smart Home” revolution started a few years with the advent of new IoT technologies promising to automate just about everything in the home from security systems, to thermostats, to lights and fans.  MSOs – who already dominated the communication and entertainment space in the homes – saw an easy opportunity to expand into this new space and “own the home”.

Many years have passed now, and the MSOs are nowhere close to their dream of owning the smart homes.  It seems IoT is everywhere, but barely in most MSOs portfolios.  So, what happened?