Data Modeling Best Practices: Key to your digital transformation

This blog reviews the data modeling process and highlights some of the best practices that DTS feels should be followed at each process step when creating a data model. Some best practices depend on the tools that you are using, so in some cases we touch on some of the data modeling tools that we currently use.

The IoT state of matter

Few technologies have created as much buzz over the past few years as IoT. With the widespread adoption of smartphones by young and old alike, IoT brings the potential to enable them to control everything around them with just a click of a button. In this blog we provide our thoughts on where IoT stands and where it is going.

Smarter bandwidth pipes “The NextGen revenue opportunities”

This blog provides the intuition on how important the next-generation revenue opportunities are and urges operators to step out of their comfort zone of triple play alone service offerings. We provide insights on how to evaluate your access transformation plans and their impact on your company’s profitability.